pink kitchen decorating ideas

pink kitchen decorating ideas

i'm monica mangin and i believe that updating your home doesn't have to take a ton of time or money. i show people how to get pinterest-worthy spaces that are just right for them. gimme one weekend i'll give you five projects and you'll have a completely transformed space by monday this weekend i'm in charlotte, north carolina helping out a couple with a living room

makeover but there's a catch. the husband got called away this weekend on business so i'm down to one homeowner and she's a total diy rookie, which is super exciting because i'll be able to teach her so much this weekend but we also need to get a makeover done. i'm marina and i'm from charlotte, north carolina i live here with my husband and this

weekend we're looking to redo our living room i was hoping to do this with him, and i was really excited for that, but unfortunately he's gone so i'm going to have to tackle this all by myself. our living room is really plain and boring it's just builders-grade there's nothing to it. we've actually lived in this space for

almost two years now and when my friends come over they think we just moved in. we haven't done anything to the space just because i think just building it up in my head that it's going to be this huge project it just scared me as far as home improvement i'm a complete rookie so i really hope monica can teach me a few

things so, this is our family room okay it's great. i mean, it's light and bright and tons of space in here. so what are we looking to do this weekend? so, i definitely want to add some personality to it. it's just so plain and boring and just beige. i want it to feel more luxury, more at home. definitely just a

little pop of color, because i do like the neutral palette, but i want it to look more glam or sophisticated. now, this weekend your husband is away. tell me this, though: style-wise, are you guys on the same page? you're looking for like luxury and glam. is he cool with that? yeah, he just told me as long as i like

it he'll be ok with it. where did you find him? that's amazing. he'll just like as long as i'm happy, he'll go with it. okay, husband, take note. my husband. okay? anything i like, you should like. alright, since he's not here, do you want to like, get him on the phone? that would be great. okay! pull him up. hey babe! i'm here with monica from

the weekender. they're finally here. so we are gonna go with like a very glamorous kind of style in here. now that's sort of what marina had on her pinterest boards. how are you feeling about glam? oh, i'm all about glam. i like that. that is a good husband answer. alright, so kind of an anything-goes mentality this weekend? i am in full trust in what marina wants and i am with her the whole way.

alright, well we have a lot of work to do, so we'll talk to you later. i am really excited for everything that's going on. thank you guys so much. alright, we'll see you. bye, love you. okay, project 1 is all about getting rid of the builder-grade look in this space. so, what we're working on here is an accent wall and we're not accenting with color. we're actually going to accent with texture

so we are going to add ornate molding to this entire wall, kind of like you'd see in a really fancy hotel or a castle or a mansion, if you will. builder-grade homes builders really up charge for details like this, but it's something that we can add in ourselves. this is really simple. we're taking molding that we've already cut to size, and

attaching it onto the walls in a rectangle pattern. so you don't have to put them into where the studs are? nope, it'll be sealed with caulk on either side that's going to additionally kind of adhere it to the wall large on top, small on the bottom creating the look of panels. oh my goodness. alright, so you see it up on the wall now. what do you think? looks great. you like it?

i love it. and you can see how now like it'll be panels going across the whole wall, so we'll continue on the way down alright, looking good. i have a little surprise for you... they're beautiful! aren't those awesome? i love it! so i promised you glam & glam is what you shall have. but we're actually gonna wait until we have our base coat of paint on the

wall before we attach them because cutting around these would be a nightmare. now that the molding is done, matt's starting to build another focal point in the room: a faux fireplace. you can kind of already see it shaping up, right? yeah. what do you think? i like it. so, matt has started building out the base, the bones of this fireplace and mantel and

what we have, what we just got from outside is this faux tin tile that's going to be inlaid to the inside. first things first, we are going to install the mantel. marina and i are adding a mantel by attaching a piece of 1-by-6 with a nail gun. to take it up a notch, we're adding molding around the edge. layering different pieces of

inexpensive molding is a great way to get a high-end molding look for much less money than buying the prefab ornate stuff. and just with that little bit of molding, it takes the piece of 1-by-6 into a really great mantel. next step is our faux tin, which is actually plastic but you'd never know it. you can cut it with a pair of scissors and apply it using

construction adhesive and some black decorative nails. it's so easy, even for a rookie, who may or may not need a little more practice with a hammer. she's kinda like... i won't quit my day job for hammering. we're gonna keep going on this bad boy taking it all the way up to the ceiling and, of course, adding some more glam

factor as we go. i love faux fireplaces because they can add so much character where there once was none. you can build them on any blank wall, and they'll really up the style factor of a space. now it's time to get some paint on everything and that is going to dramatically change this entire space. are you nervous about this? yes. are you? i feel like this is one area

where not having alex here this weekend is going to play into it a little bit. he trusts me and he likes whatever i like. i mean, he probably wouldn't be okay with like, black? okay. so he trusts you, but to a point? yeah. alright. well, first i will show you our wall color, okay? okay. get ready for it. i like it! okay, good. she likes it!

so this is a light light gray. it's called alpaca. it's gonna change the tone of the room. it's going to cool it down alot. i like that. and then for an accent color for our ready? wow. it's pink! it's pink. it's like really pink! i think it's subtle pink. how do you feel about it? we'll see. i don't know. what do you think

alex is gonna think? um, i don't know. i think it'd be really fun to keep this a secret from alex. you think you'll be able to do that? i'll try. alright, i'm gonna pour each paint and one of us can start with the fireplace and then the other will start with the wall. i've never painted before. you've never painted anything before? i mean, like art.

but never like walls. oh my. alright. that's amazing! so, are you excited to do it for the first time? yeah. so many new things for you this weekend. i'm using alpaca gray from hgtv home by sherwin-williams. it's a stain-blocking paint-plus-primer with excellent coverage. and normally molding stays white, but i'm not normal. i think this is

pretty well-established. painting the molding the same color as the wall will add a layer of seamless sophistication. using tools for the first time was very different. at first, i was a little bit scared, but now that i know that i can do this is really empowering. so, this morning i have some small-scale projects to work on with you

but how do you feel about everything we did yesterday? i love it. it's coming together really nicely. yeah. how do you feel about the colors now that you kind of had last night to sleep on them? it's growing on me. how do you think alex is feeling about the paint? did you tell him last night? i told him the fireplace is zebra print. what did he

think of that? he just laughed nervously. i think he's hoping that i'm kidding. well, no zebra print happening here, but we are kinda doing something that has a little bit of animal influence for this. right in front of the fireplace that we built yesterday, there's really nothing there, because there's no actual fire happening. so, i wanted to build something

that would go in front of it. kind of give a little visual interest, but also be functional. so we're building a small little footstool ottoman. oh awesome. right? cute? and i wanted to build it ourselves because we can customize the size to exactly how we want it to look in front of it. okay, so you mentioned zebra print...

i don't have zebra print for you, but i do have something kind of fun. fluffy! alright. isn't that fun? yeah, i love it. this project will literally take us about 15 minutes. we've got a wooden project panel board for the bench portion of the stool and prefab legs. so we just need to attach each leg bracket on all four corners and hand

screw the legs into each one. so, turn it over...super cute. yeah. but it needs a little glam, right? right now, this is not saying glam to me. so, what we'll do: we're gonna lay this directly over and we're going to use our staple gun and just staple under to the underside we made sure our material was a few inches larger than the bench, then we're

folding the excess fabric to the bottom side and staple-gunning it into place. we're giving the plain wooden legs a glamorous new life by adding a gold metallic glaze. i love this glaze so much that i've got big plans for it elsewhere in the room as well. nothing says glam like mixed metals and metallics, so we're gonna add a little bit

of bling to these brand-new ornate pieces that's going to take this space even further away from builder-grade where we started. the cool thing about a metallic glaze is that it can take something that squeaky clean, brand new, freshly painted and instantly give it the look of an aged patina. tiny details go a long way when you're working within a style

that you really want to kick up some glam. so adding a little bit of the gold detailing on each panel of our molding here is going to kind of mimic the look that you'd see in like very fancy, ornate castles, but it's not over-the-top. this is still someone's home; we want it to feel cozy, so we're doing just a little bit of detailing. open your eyes and see your new

glamorous living room. oh my goodness. monica! i love it! oh good! i don't know how you do it. i knew kind of what i wanted, but like you are in my head and you knew like way more. good. i'm so glad you like it, but the biggest question is...what is alex gonna think of this space? i think he's going to

love it. you do? i do. think fireplace and all? you know, like, it's not even that dramatic. like, after everything is pulled together, it doesn't seem so pink. looks like a real fireplace. it does. i wouldn't even know that it's not. wait, is that the gold paint that we used for the stool? yes. so, my little secret project for you

was embellishing the wall molding and all the ornamental pieces with the same gold paint that we used on the ottoman footstool. it kind of takes it from squeaky clean, brand-new, just painted into looking like it's aged and it belongs here. the gold puts it right over the edge. i love it. so we did 5 projects and you've seen most of them like almost all

the way down but when they come together the whole space just feels so different doesn't it? i feel like we're in london in some palace or something. and before, this was a builder-grade box. and now? it's so incredible. so we know that you really love the space, which is amazing, but should we facetime alex and see what he thinks? let's do it! alright.

it's the moment of truth. yeah. get him on the phone. after the last few days, i can do this. i overcomplicated it in my head but now that i realize how easy it was to makeover the space, the rest of my house is just going to be a piece of cake. alright, are you ready to see it? 1...2...3! what?! who's house are you in? not ours!

it looks beautiful. check out the fireplace. i love it. i think it fits the living room very well. what color do you think it is? uh, it looks... beige? i'm not sure, though. that's not the color! tell him what it is. it's pink! pink? yeah. what? i can't see that. that is so amazing.

i'm excited. i can't wait to get home. me too. i can't wait for you to see it in real life. alright, well you guys can like kiss and have a romantic little buh bye. bye! see ya. i am in nashville this weekend helping out a couple with a space, but it's raining and nasty and guess what? we're doing an outdoor deck space. definitely not what

you're hoping for working in an outdoor makeover, but you know me. i don't back away from any challenge. rain or shine, this deck makeover is happening. are you loving the weekender? if so, click like and subscribe to the lowe's youtube channel. that way, you'll be notified when the next episode drops. and then, i challenge you to become a weekender. you can get

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