pink kitchen ideas decorating

pink kitchen ideas decorating

as one of the busiest spots at home, kitchens tend to be messy and less attractive. since you begin your day in the kitchen, you need to refurbish it so that it can boost your mood. in this video, you are going to find 10 colorful kitchen dã©cor ideas that can jazz your kitchen up. as always, this list is brought to you by 10. eclectic kitchen design

if you don’t have any idea what style you should go with, just try eclectic interior design just like what you can see here. the combination of rustic, vintage, and modern styles creates a beautiful harmony in this kitchen. the exposed brick wall adds the charm of rustic look, and thus it doesn’t have to be covered with plaster.

the teal cabinets and yellow chairs add pop of colors that alleviate the rustic look. and to tie them up, a rainbow table cloth lies on the dining table perfectly. 9. classic green kitchen this classic kitchen looks awesome with the green subway tiles that protect the wall from stain and splash. they complement the green tongue-and-groove

paneling and kitchen cabinets. to add more patterns and colors to this kitchen, marble countertop and tiles are installed. the natural vein of the countertop and tiles perks the kitchen up without overlapping the main color scheme. 8. elegant mauve kitchen your life is not bland and mundane. it is colorful, instead.

therefore, express your wonderful life by mixing wide array of color hues in your kitchen. the most striking element in this kitchen is the colorful kitchen island. it is painted various colors in triangular patterns which make the kitchen look more dramatic. some softer earthy color hues are added to enrich the appearance of the kitchen. on the black countertop are some fruits and flowers

in vivid colors that complement the island well. 7. white and maroon kitchen white hue has spruced the kitchen up pretty well, making the kitchen look tidier and cleaner. it also makes the kitchen look more spacious when combined with adequate natural light which enables you to get the ultimate comfort when slaving over a hot stove. the light brown wooden floor is stained

using gel stain for a smoother and better look. you can apply polyurethane after staining the floor to get a sleek finish. instead of painting the door light brown to complement the floor, you can paint it red to add a nuance. the red door turns out well and is conspicuously amazing. 6. cream kitchen

white is a neutral color that you can rely on to make your kitchen look more appealing. it can also be paired with any color of your choice without making it inferior to the other color. and thus, you can always paint your kitchen white as the base if you are not sure what color will suit it best. the white subway tiles and cabinets

act as a canvas that is ready to paint. the blue kitchen island and bright pink chair are the most noticeable things in this kitchen. however, they merely add a bit nuance to the kitchen rather than ruling it. 5. small unique kitchen white hue has never failed to spruce any kitchen up. but if this kitchen were all white, it would be a bit boring.

thanks to the colorful tiles and cheerful rug that have color it up, making it more appealing. the yellow rug lies on the floor, contrasting with the light beige of the wooden floor. the vivid color and beautiful pattern accentuate the kitchen well. besides, it ensures the best comfort for your feet. another prominent thing is the colorful backsplash. the backsplash is made of some tiles

arranged in geometric form which makes it look splendid in a simple way. 4. retro kitchen decorating your kitchen with colorful furniture is not just about grabbing various kinds of colors and put them together. creating harmony is definitely indispensable. and this retro kitchen tells you what a nice harmony that provides a positive vibe should be.

this kitchen is adorned with red and white furniture. to create a good harmony, you can add some red accessories on white cabinets such as a red vase, kettle, and knobs. even you can find some reds in the white curtains that cover the white window. this red fragment allows you to add some vibrant red chairs in the kitchen without leaving an awkward gap

between the soothing white and vibrant red. 3. bold green transformation adding bold colors in your kitchen provides a cheerful ambiance which is good to boost your mood in the morning. just like these cabinets. although they don’t feature sophisticated design, they still adorn the kitchen pretty well. thanks to the teal cabinets

that have made the kitchen look more attractive. and, again, it’s all about creating harmony. the butcherblock countertop is used in this kitchen to complement the wooden floor and table. and don’t forget the quaint tiles that add a distinctive pattern to the plain white wall. 2. light blue vintage kitchen i am always enthralled with vintage kitchen. the use of bright and cheerful colors

is the particular charm of this style. and that’s why you should give it a try and witness your tedious kitchen turning into a fabulous one. you can try painting your cabinets light blue to provide the touch of vintage style. besides, blue is the color that embodies loyalty and trust. it also provides calming effect to your kitchen.

before we get to number 1, i suggest to press subscribe button above comment area if this channel is new to you, this way, you will get a new notification every time i published a new video. 1. pop color kitchen modern kitchens tend to be simple with monochromatic colors and clean-line furniture.

but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to add more colors to your kitchen. if you want to add a bit pop of colors, you can invest on a few cabinets that feature vivid colors. but make sure that you don't overwhelm the kitchen with colorful stuff so that it remains simple and not fussy just like these yellow cabinets.

they are striking enough and can grab everyone's attention instantly. so, those are 10 colorful kitchen dã©cor ideas your kitchen is not only a place where you cook mouthwatering meals for your family, but it is also a safe haven for a cook like you. thus, it's supposed to be exhilarating, isn't it? that’s it for now, before you leave, i welcome you to use comment area

if you have anything to say. press like button because you still let my voice fills your brain and see you again later with more video like this in the near future. i hope. see you soon next time and thanks for watching.