pioneer woman kitchen decorating ideas

pioneer woman kitchen decorating ideas

we might have gone a little bit overboard with the souvenirs just a little *super adventure family intro music plays* nick and i took a road trip to pawhuska, oklahoma i'm sure you're wondering what is in pawhuska, oklahoma? well, if you're follower of my girl ree, you know, that that's her hometown she's got several cookbooks, a line of dishes and

adorable things at walmart. she also has a series of children's books and just tons of yumminess! about two years ago, she opened a store and a bakery and a resturant in her hometown and it's called the mercantile and you might have guessed that we have gone there

bought a few things and we got a coveted room at her brand-new just opened insanely awesome boarding house and don't tell her but i totally stole some stuff from the room!! a pen and this notepad and now to be fair they did say that we could take it pretty sure that it just opened in like may or june

when they announced that they were going to start accepting reservation i was immediately on there like the second that that email came through i was frantically typing and we got one! the date we got was my birthday it was so awesome, it was friday the 13th i don't know maybe that allowed us to get it because maybe people didn't want to stay there on friday the 13th but we did and i was actually born on friday the 13th so it's kind of a lucky day for me.

the room was breathtaking *upbeat music* we got to stay in the photography room it was filled with black-and-white photos that ree had taken of their life on the farm when they did their turndown service, they brought in fresh baked cooked cookies and in the morning they brought us up some chai tea for me and some regular tea for nick and the most amazing delicious cupcakes! i don't know were they cupcakes or muffins?

they were just whatever they were! they were so good i did not want to leave also in pawhuska, just two doors down from the boarding house they have the mercantile. which is a bakery, a deli, and a general store. so, of course we had to hit that up because duh, maybe ree is there! *upbeat music playing* i, of course, bought all the things that i didn't have that i wanted from ree

but we also got to enjoy a delicious meal at the deli. i had chicken fried steak (which was amazing!) and nick got the french dip! our server surprised us with a beautiful delicious cupcake for my birthday another new thing that they've just opened in pawhuska is p-town pizza, and it was amazing. it's fire. is it fire? there's a fire

oven.. i don't know what i'm saying... what's it called? it's like a wood-burning oven it's like one of those giant domes and you put the pizza in on those little i think they call it a peal.. anyways and i'm making a fool of myself you have to try then not knots

and they're basically like cheesy delicious bread they are amazing. i couldn't stop eating them! i also got the strawberry lemonade there which they offer different flavors of lemonade every day and it was soo good and i wish i could have it every day i think nick really enjoyed the ...we got the all the meats pizza, and he really liked that! a couple of my favorite things that i got from the mercantile

this beautiful robin's egg cup. i love to make tea and the cup that i've been using for tea is like a christmas cup so i really wanted to get one that was super big that i could make all my teas in another thing that i was really excited to get was a t-shirt so i wasn't sure what kind or what color i wanted to get but i decided to go with the classic black and gold because that's kind of their um how they do their logo, so i wanted the most

official type of thing. so here's my my merc shirt it's so cute! should i put it on? i also got a couple of the kids books, so i had them wrap them up and this is just like the typ- classic wrapping that they use and just look at that! is that so.... i mean just top-notch! all the little details

i'm gonna open it up here.... i don't want to rip this... seal ok let's see which one this is.... charlie the ranch dog so this is ree's dog charlie. oh here you can see him so cute. i can't wait to read it to elliott. oh my gosh it looks so cute! awwww!

it's little ree! oh and it has a special pancake recipe inside look at how cute she is with her little outfit in there, with blue boots i love it! we also got this magazine it was in our room and this.... look at that! that's the room we stayed in!!

oh my gosh. how cool is that?! like this.... i open this up to this page like when i first opened it i was like ohh my goshhhh that's where we are!!!! so exciting!! it looks just like that

it was such an amazing opportunity to get to go and stay at the boarding house and visit the mercantile and p-town pizza and i really hope that if you like pioneer woman that you take the opportunity and go visit there and i just want to say thanks to nick for taking me and make my birthday so special thanks so much for watching this video be sure to hit like button

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