popular kitchen decorating ideas

popular kitchen decorating ideas

(upbeat guitar music) - the kitchen when wemoved in was horrible, it had really old cabinets, rust colored walls so it was really dark. - our last kitchen, i did most of the work myself and it took about a year. - [ronna] you wouldn't know where to put the stuff next to thestove because actually,

there wasn't even acounter next to the stove. - i kept saying i'm not ready to do it. - we'd been through it once and knew we could do it again. - one day i came home from my work and my wife is ripping the walls apart. (ronna giggles) i think she was ready to start. (jazzy horn music)

this house is from the 1920's. outside it's charming. the character and nature of this home from the time period hasa lot of characteristics that i love. i live here with my wife, ronna, my son, owen, and my daughter, emilia. i'm an architect and myapproach as an architect to kitchens is to make itlook original to the house,

while still updating the homes to work with more modern lifestyle. the entire layout ofthe kitchen was awkward. - the flow was so bad, and a major reason for that was there were four doorsin really bad locations. - [rob] one door was to the laundry room, one door was to the outside, one door was to the dining room,

and another door to the breakfast room. size was one issue but it wasprimarily the circulation. - one huge priority wasadding counter space and making sure it was all connected. - [rob] so what we did wasmove all the doors to one side and move the kitchen to the other side. we knocked down the wall between the utility room and the kitchen, then we moved the interior stairway door

to one side too, so all the circulations are one side, people are walking in and out, the kids are walking in and out, and we're working on theother side of kitchen which is the stove, therefrigerator, and the sink. - [ronna] when we lookedat redesigning the kitchen, one way that we could haveenlarged it was by eating into the space in the breakfast nook

but we really liked eatingin that breakfast nook. - [rob] and we decidedthere's a cute little arch, and we have a nice cabinet,and we'd rather have that rather than tearing down the wall. - we also realized if we kept that wall, and that arch, thatwall would give us space to add this whole giant cabinet, like a china cabinet. the china cabinet was a really great way

to give us extra storage. we purposely designed it in such a way that there's glass on the top so you can show pretty things. the lower parts, we designed with drawers that you can't see what's inside, so it's really a great place to put ugly stuff like tupperware. one area in particularthat i really appreciated

was this cabinet rightabove the refrigerator to put stuff that wedon't use all that much. (upbeat music) - there's a lot of new elements that you don't have in a 1920's kitchen. one's a dishwasher, there's a microwave, i like to hide the microwave, in our kitchen we putit in an upper cabinet and it works fine.

our refrigerator, it's astandard-depth refrigerator, i put a recess in the wallso we could push it back. it's about a $700 refrigerator, a lot of times we're usingpaneled refrigerators which start at about $7,000. the kitchen cabinets are custom. you can see the frame of the cabinet, the doors are inset, so again, it's indicativeof a 1920's cabinet

but it functions much better. now the drawer slides soit functions very well. (lighthearted guitar music) - [ronna] one thing weknew we wanted to do was brighten up the kitchen. we had a color consultant help us, and the trick she told us was the ceiling color is 50% of the wall color.

and i think that justhelps with the contrast, with the molding. the other interesting trickwas raising the ceiling. - [rob] it feels like a bigger room. it allows for bigger windows, it allows for our cabinets to be taller. - [ronna] we knew we wantedto put in a much bigger window and a door with glass in it. one way to save money, obviously, was

to look at salvage materials. rob happened to driveby a neighbor's house around the corner andnoticed they were getting rid of these old windows and turned out they were an exact match. - [rob] i went and bought an old door and it's a beautiful door,it has lovely proportions. the sides are 2 and 1/4 inches, the divided lights are 7/8 inch,

so it has all thesedifferent characteristics. the stove we got from a friend who actually never used it. he moved into a house and said "i don't want an old stove,i don't know if it works." they're almost free on craigslist, in any part of the country right now. - i love the look of it, for sure. it's a little temperamental,

but it's the price youpay, i guess. (chuckles) when you have the stove against a wall, you often don't have a lotof space on either side, so we have little cabinets on each side that are pretty narrowand those work great for cookie sheets. and, we also have thesetiny little drawers that are right above those cabinets and i found those fit spices perfectly.

above the stove, we havethis little built-in for our salt and pepper that i think is just a nice detail to have over the stove. - [rob] the stove, it's critical in keeping the appearance of an old home. so, the hood to me, it's like the stove, so here i wanted to make thehood integral to the wall, so it's the same material as the wall, but it's also reminiscent of a fireplace.

- even though it has its challenges with collecting stainsand getting nicked easily, we decided to use carrara marble. - [rob] it's just reminiscentof an older time period. - someone recommendedputting sealer on it, like, ten times, and sowe did that this time, we just really loaded up the sealer. - [rob] this sink, it's what it would have looked like originally.

it's back from the face of the cabinet, it's porcelain, there's a wall faucet. - when we ripped up the linoleum, we were happy to find that the floor underneath was this pretty fir, but we were surprised tofind in this one area, there was the top of a tincan that someone had used apparently to patch thefloor, which was very strange. but, rob liked it, hethought it had character

and was sort of unusual, sowe just kinda left it there. - i don't know why i like it, i just like this thing thatwas original to the house. it's unusual. - [ronna] staying in the character of the house has alwaysbeen really important to rob as an architect. the one thing i didn'tunderstand, that rob designed, was this little butler's pantry hallway

that connected the kitchento the dining room. so, i just kind of said"okay, i'll just go with it, "i'll trust you on that one." i really like it, i like the little area where we have a little... it almost looks like a little desk, with the dark wood, i like that a lot. - [rob] and it has a curved ceiling with a skylight, it'squite a lovely space.

- it's actually one of myfavorite parts of the kitchen now. i think it just adds a lot of charm having this nice arch and having the arch for the pantry area matching the arch that goes to the breakfastnook, which is original. (lighthearted guitar music)(dishes clattering) - we're really happy with the kitchen in terms of how it functions, in terms of how it relatesto the other spaces,

and it works really well. - we can have emilia putting away dishes from the dishwasher, owen on the other sideputting away the silverware, rob and i cleaning up,then the dog, of course, is sitting right in themiddle of it all (laughs). - [rob] a lot of the charmwith older homes is the scale. once you go to somethingbigger, you lose the charm. - [ronna] we looked attrying to make it bigger

and it didn't seem to really work with the design of thehouse, and i don't regret it because our kitchen seems big enough.