rv kitchen decorating ideas

rv kitchen decorating ideas

i dont think we can fit everyone but letstry it. right here where we come in there is a seatingarea with a table that folds down and then youcan sleep on it but i think i am going to put a kitchen here thats a plan i have right now i want to put a full length functioning kitchenin here so i actually have a place to cook and if you come this way over here there is some storage

its just a cabinet and it has some shelvesin there this might sound a little weird but this is actually way more storage thanwe need so this is probably all going to go also we dont that much storage we dont have thatmany things in here is what they call a wet room it̢۪s not really a bathroom it doesn̢۪thave a bath or a shower or anything in it it is basically just a room with a sink

so in my opinion it is just at waste of space it has a mirror, hi, maybe i can reuse thatfor something over here is the kitchen. it has a fridge if you open it up it has a standard 3 cookerand a sink i dont know if i am going to reuse this inany way but i might in the beginning and then put in something else i am on a very limited budget so i am basicallygonna see how cheap i can do this and still getwhat i want

over here on top of it is more over the headstorage i am not a big fan of this i know a lot of people need a lot of storage but i dont really like it because i feel like things are falling down on me and i get claustrophobic and since we dont need the storage its fine down here is another table and seats foldeddown and we dont need that either i am probably going to keep this area as abed / sofa

but we will see how it all turns out