kitchen islands white

kitchen islands white

kitchen island end caps options are you a diyer looking to sharpen your skills,looking for solutions for home improvement issues, getting advice needing to hire a contractor,and staying up to date on the latest the industry has to offer on news and trends? you are in the right place. welcome to discover your home with your host,mark lotz. hey everybody, mark here at discover yourhome. thank you for joining me here tonight on thisvery windy night in the windy city, and tonight, i'm going to talk to you a little bit aboutkitchen islands and some of the unique things

that we are seeing and ways to adapt yourisland to your new kitchen and some of the things… you know islands really were just kind ofjust big square or rectangle shapes in the middle of your kitchen. you had a countertop and it was really morefor functionality more than anything. so nowadays, we're seeing a lot of thingswhere the island is really kind of a focal point and it can be either functionality,it can be a workstation, it can be an area that you entertain or just have the familysit around and enjoy their meals. so, we're seeing a lot that's out there nowadays.

we're seeing a lot where they are moving thecooktops from say a countertop section of the kitchen over into the island. so tonight, i'm just give you a couple ofsuggestions on things that you might want to do for your kitchen and hopefully dressup your kitchen and really make it more fit into your needs. so, let's talk a little bit about more theendcap of the kitchen islands. and we're going to talk about the endcap that'sfacing the stove. a lot of times if it an island is runningkind of parallel with counters and then kind of intersects with the stove.

what we’re seeing, one nice little featureis where in the kitchen, we'll have a kind of display rack for larger platters when you'reserving large groups, or maybe your family. it goes along so there again, it's an easyaccess from say the stove to the end cap of your kitchen. spice racks another one. that really gets back to a little bit morefunction, being able to use the space there. kind of turn around, grab what you need becausei'll tell you what, spice racks have always kind of been a challenge when we worked inkitchens because some good places to put them but it just never seems like there's alwaysa place to kind of tuck them away.

this was kind of little a little bit morein plain sight so go ahead and think about that for your next kitchen when you go aheadand remodel and do something to the island. how much more you'll have access to it, yoursalt, your peppers and your cayennes and paprikas and all that good stuff. so consider that. let's talk a little bit about storage, justareas for cookbooks. quick things, just a set of doors there formaybe some tools for utility purposes that will be kind of ready and able to say goingto your stove. maybe a small area for your pots and pansso it just depends on how you do the layout

of it. the one final thing i think we could talkabout is and we're seeing a little bit of it incorporating their pets. and what i mean by that is trying to incorporatekind of a water and feed station, food station for the dogs. i find a lot of times, depending upon sizeof kitchen, if you got a real large kitchen, it usually isn't too challenging, but we'reseeing a lot now where we're incorporating the dog’s water bowl and food bowl in thatisland area. so, you know a lot of times you don't wantto kick the dog bowl or you don't want to

have water flying all over, dog food all overthe place, so it kind of is set within the cabinet structure and kind of hidden awaya little bit which is kind of nice and a little bit more convenient for maybe you and yourpets. now let's talk about the opposite side ofthat island. let's talk a little bit about the entertainmentside of it where you're going to be probably facing out towards say a family room or intothe dinette area of your kitchen. very traditional. a lot of our customers are putting in likea wine rack or some sort of beverage containing area, so also possibly like a mini-fridgeincorporating possibly even a small sink in

that area. we find that that that's kind of been aroundfor some time. you're seeing a little bit more areas whereyou could also possibly even put a microwave drawer in that area. we've done a couple of those and i personallylike them. i don't use our microwave in our home- it'san upper one above our stove as much- but i do like the microwave drawers. it’s a level thing for me. you know it's very comfortable, you're nothaving to reach up over a stove.

hey @elizabeth, how are you doing tonight? thank you thank you for joining us. i appreciate that. so, you know there again, it can be a functionalthing. a lot of times what we're seeing is that peopleare really trying to incorporate a little bit of functionality and a little bit of form. entertainment, you'll see we’ll have twolevels. we have a working area and then maybe kindof a bar top area. we're seeing finishes change a little biton counter tops.

you're starting to see a little bit more woodand what we just saw recently is a kind of a matte finish. it's a very dull look. i know cambria's come up with a matte finish. i think they have about half a dozen or soof their countertop designs that you can incorporate the matte finish. we have yet to install one but i have seenit. i have a tendency to like less shine in mymaterials. not so shiny, glossy levels and shine levelscan change over time.

i find that i think a more subtle look givesit a more relaxed feel in your kitchen. so, these are just a couple of ideas thatwe throw out to folks and maybe, when the time comes you go to your remodel your kitchen,these are things that you can incorporate in your kitchen. it really gets back to your budget. it gets back to your creative style and itgets back to kind of how you want to run your kitchen. so, hey thank you again for joining me. i hope you guys had a nice mother's day outthere and thanks for joining me at mark at

discover your home. have a great evening. thanks so much for listening to this episodeof discover your home with your host, mark lotz online at that's lotzremodeling.comand on twitter and facebook lotzremodeling. we'll catch you next time.