kitchen white cabinets

kitchen white cabinets

hey guys is tommy here from my beautiful kitchen & bathroom and today i'm out in houston and i'm visiting mrs darkin who wasrecommended to us by her colleague at work mrs porter. and, the kitchen we'reabout to look at was completed about eight month ago and this is the firstopportunity we've had for a proper catch-up really. so hope you enjoy it. asusual any questions then ask them in the comments below and we'll be happy to answer them. let's get started. as you can see it's a nice open plan kitchen design and as you see the utility room is just in the background there. and this started out asoriginally two rooms and it's been turned into one big room with the conservatory just leading off. it's christmas time as

well as you can see. now we've got abeautiful tree here and this is actually my favourite part which is completelynothing to do with the kitchen but i hope you can can bear with me. but just look atthat view my goodness eh? and if you can imaginebefore although this was accessible the light was really cut out because it wasa wall between the kitchen and what's now the dining room. so by removing thatwall everything's just completely opened up and the customer can enjoy theseviews and the kind of flow between the the three rooms here. so we've your dining tableon the right here where your chairs and then your breakfast area on the left. we'vegot a tall feature radiator here as well

nice new valves, nice shiny finishand it's been done in anthracite to sort of complement the colours. and it's sometimes things like this with your chrome valves. and you'll notice there the chrome switchesthat can really start to set the kitchen off. you'll see we've got the tv onthe wall there and just above we've got three lights. so this part here, originally this was all blocked off and there was onesingle door leaving through the conservatory. so it's been opened up into a two arrangement and it's all been finished off nice and neatly in theplaster finish. your worktops here are solid wortops and it's a mistral.and you'll see it's got a nice clean finish and

as you can see everything's solid thereso although it's more expensive than a laminate top they're very durable andmistral worktops will stand the tests of time. they are also very versatile you cansee how everything's been shaped into the windows there. underneath here we'vegot the wine chiller or wine cooler which was part of the project andyou'll see the edges here have all been rounded to match the unit below. it's anice sleek handle-less design which of course makes everything flow easily andeffortlessly. so very very simple so the handles doors get the rail system at thetop here which is where you would put your hands to open it. everything's is all softclosing. i guess the down side of

handle-less is that you never know what shouldbe the doors hinged. off course you can still open it. but that's the beautyof it as well as there's no handles so nice fitted cutlery tray on top here. it's allgerman-engineered mechanisms which is hettich and all soft clossing as you wouldexpect so drawers are just taking the centerstage there and then we've got a corner unit here which is a bifold door whichopens up fully and allows very easy access into the corner giving you plentyof storage. so half the kitchens in there i think, which is great and, the worktops are looking good. you've got your sink which is under mounted sink as

opposed to over mounted. so that means itsits underneath the worktop and allows you to do fancy things like drainergrooves which makes the water flow away easily and no need for a separate drainer. if youlooked in the background here because it's the mistral we can do some funky thingsas well like taking up one in the window so you'll see it's all been extendedwith the upstand onto the windows sill and here we've got the pull out the tap which is ashower tap, you've got your hot and cold and the benefits of this kinda tap isyou've not already guessed is you get wash the dishes making it a lot easier. but you canstill have a dishwasher as well which makes it even easier so quite unusual and that as a double ishould say to single oven say beside

giving you even better capacity than adouble oven and uvx tractor taking the center stage with a glass wash backbehind put all the spells from the cooking when cool cook up to the lefthere for about a short and everything's all touch control in the ovens allweight something your mop and everything's all programmable tamableand of course self-cleaning so this is actually a microwave and ghetto with awarming drawer below which is hidden away nicely for warm in the platesperfect for the christmas parties looking really good and very minimalistic tv on the wall and anotherwe feature here to set the room off so

al all we've get the recessed downlightsin the ceiling here we've added about a character and whoa to the breakfast areagardening for these separate lights are pendants and it's just nice aroundshades that's been put on an hourglass effect look at the floor leading throughthe utility room which is done in peugeot and it's a weird effect whichreally helps to break up the weight and add about a warmth to the room so heplaced all that you tell him handles design again you'll be a saint in centerstage as an over mounted sink this time as you can see it sets on top of thewhat top and it's got an end bolt between a groove what tops and lace upstands have been continued all the

wheeler in this room - you got yoursilver sockets and we've added the rebar on the window so here just to keepeverything matching and falling between the two rooms the thing is a blancowhich is german engineered first-class quality sink i'll give you a nice messit up its are so gonna sink which if you have me lock in there means it's a solidsink as well and to give the dishwasher which is a full size and then you getyour integrated wash machine here which is serving kilogram lord 1400 span ortouch control ells and what's awesome the maker fetch visa with the same placeand what are the spencer's and it's been neatly put in between the run of terrorunits here and here we've got a pantry

cupboard and if i can just go back andshow you how much storage you can get in here so all the shelves are fullyadjustable meaning if you get different heights or different things you want toburn it then you can adjust that this suit will get a sweet contraption herewhich is a space racks again a place for everything as they sit over on thiscorner here again a feature radio and it's been done in the anthracite we'vegot a wall unit above just for that we've out of extra storage and you'reprobably thinking there was a boiler in there or something but nope not the casejust extra storage so all the glass is in here and looking very shiny indeedeverything's all soft closing beautiful

let's pop back through the kitchen again so i'm not the same and another one tobe played off for the my beautiful design teami'm trevor x-ray the boys at that then station their desk for the customer sothey've made up coasters and if you'd caught a novice 8 then they've made up achopping board as well and the miss xiao and below again they put the rubber padsfor the customer so it protects the rock top underneath and everything allmatches and it's just we things like that that can some things meet thedifference to your kitchen just give it about character i meet the kitchen usereally so another beautiful kitchen

comes to an end i hope you've enjoyedthis video hopefully is giving you some great ideas for your kitchen if you'relooking to do it likewise we do beautiful bathrooms as well and if youcan be of any more help then why not piers a visit arelovely kitchen and bathroom showroom were based in queens lee but about twominutes from the glasgow for shopping center i'm delighted to see the showroomhave you were looking for a new kitchen or bathroom so that's that until nexttime guys i'm told me from my beautiful kitchen and bathroomcheerio