kitchen white gloss doors

kitchen white gloss doors

hi guys today i want to talk about arecent kitchen cabinet update we recently did... previously we had theseugly flat yellowing laminate cabinets that we would either have to replace or have someone coming in here and update, so we decided to do it ourselves so what we did on is we we found a wayto update the cabinets and make the kitchen your more modern without actually replacing anything and we decided to do that because

everything already fit the hinges all lined up in such if wegot new doors we have to drill new holes and make everything work and it was a lot easier to do it this. so what we actually did what we did is we actually went out toour local home improvement store and i purchased two-and-a-half inch by one quarter-inch pine slatted wooden and i cut them it till length for each oneof the cabinet doors sanded the laminate surface the entirelaminate surfaces

every door with a belt sander and then glue who did the would directly onto the laminate surface just with acontractor i think it was hard as nails contractoradhesive i had to clamp the mall down all the wayround the doors and leave overnight about 24 hours. afterthat on i went ahead and i reset and did allthe wood so that each individual piece would line up niceand smooth and we didn't have any gaps between um

once that was done how was able to lay the doors out and paint each one of them and then we were brought him back upstairs put all the hinges back on everythingalready lined up because it was the same door hang them up and then just added acouple door handles here and and oh well off we've got completely newcabinets

for the pain on the bottom we used adark grey this is a bear i marky bear being homedepot's brand our marquee paint the i have the style is peppery it's a peppery graypaint on that we use for the bottom its theirpremium top quality paint so we figured that it would stand up well it'sintended stand up well to you arm scrubbing and in cleaning on the top we actually use the kitchenand bath paint from dutch boy and we just wentwith their

ultra white semi-gloss paint yet as i'm the right out of the can didn't actuallymakes any other color into it so we got that really bright white arm again the kitchen and bathvarious couple very i will really stand up to t kitchen use with you know dirty fingersin such touching touching the cabinet doors okay so ihope that this is hokey out given you some ideas on what you might be able todo with your cabinets arm this was really it it was in adifficult project but it wasn't

easy in the sec fact that it it tookquite a bit i'm you really got a wait 24 hours after youtoo late you gotta way he after your pain tom take it off you know it was a longprocess it took about a week actually get it done but otherwise itwasn't that difficult it cost is probably a couple hundreddollars including all materials in pain everything to dothe cabinets but we've been very happy with how they turned out if you have any questions feel free toleaving a comment

i will be happy to help you in any way ican otherwise have fun and good luck did up on