non white kitchens

non white kitchens

just gonna simply cut right where thatblack line is and we're gonna make sure we insert that right in thereso there's corners that you can do which is the l shape and you can also do the tshapes connected three different corners together which we've done in plenty ofplaces right here l shape t shape now i don't know if you ladies are like me buti am inspired i feel like cutting all up and putting them everywhere what do youthink is a great idea welcome to the home automation x channeltoday we're going to show you exactly how to install led lighting and how tocontrol it from your smart home i'm here with sheila and cindy how are you guystoday

wonderful wonderful now a great thingabout this video is that we are going to actually be following a long suit asimilar one but it's different so what we have done in a previous video is thatwe had soldered two wires together and i have shown you how to do that now thisis a take-off on that now as always if you want to see previous content or bealerted of future content you're gonna want to subscribe and how you do that isclick on that bell icon up there and make sure that you are alerted forfuture content so you can get the latest and the greatest in this video we'regoing to cut the led lighting and splice around the corners and show you how tofit them under the cabinet so these

lights here were sent to us fromlighting ever the features that includes is it's working voltage as 12v areadaptable to just 100 to 240 there's 300 led lights that come with it and it'salso waterproof ip65 it's five meters long and it comes with rgb color thelife expectancy is 50,000 hours and it's only 24 dollars these beautiful ledlights can be found on amazon using a link below as well as other connectorsnow speaking of connectors and speaking of where to find them let's get startedshall we we have them right here and i want to show you what they look like solet's open the box without further adue because i know you're excited to go inhere i sure have okay so we got our dad

up there we go connectors we got ourpower we got the doohickey this is the one that actually controls thecolor-changing aspect and here they are pair this okay so these ones werebrought locally now as you can see this one is every four inches you have thecut lines and we're gonna zoom in just to show you now that is every fourinches this one is every six inches again so it's a little longer and youknow some people prefer more length let me tell you size does matter this isevery two inches it gets more precise precise because if you're doing thisunder your cupboard your cabinet anything you want to make sure that youdon't have all of that excess hanging

off you want to be as precise and closeto the point as you possibly can that's why the two inch job is whereit's at alright so now we're gonna do acomparison of the different variations in length this one here is our four inchas you can notice with the cut lines every four inches this one here greaterlength every six inches and then for our newbie on the block it's every twoinches so as you can see here every two inches and that is going to allow for aneven more precise cut so now we have the cutting ceremony this will allow us tomove on to the connections so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna cut alongthe cut lines here and voila not easy

here we are next stage so now we'regoing to be cutting in between the letters and this light right over herei'm using an exacto knife you can also use a box knife i can even use a steakknife here and just going to simply cut right where that black line is so now that we put a little slit inthere we're gonna just peel it right off so we have that thereso we're grabbing our connectors which i've already opened up we're gonna slideit right in here you'll see it fits perfectly all right so then we snap thatinto place and now we can put in our l shape here just for our corners slidethat into place snap that in there so

now we got our second connector righthere we're gonna slide that one and fit it right in easy as that so what youwant to make sure you do is there's the letters written right here and it saysplus twelve so you want to make sure the plus twelve is running only on the topnot at the bottom and we're gonna make sure we insert that right in there therewe go snap those two into place and there we have it all right i'm excited imean after all of our hard work let's see if these are actually working whatdo you think of course and really it wasn't that hard at all you know you canchange it to red oh now i don't know if you ladies are like me but i am inspiredi feel like cutting all up and putting

them everywhere what do you think lovelygreat idea i'm getting a little super happyit's amazing what scissors and sesterce can do when they're very inspiredand iike what did we create here well normally we wouldn't create a patternlike this but we're just having a little bit of fun we just wanted to show youguys that there's different options that you can do here so there's the cornersthat you can do which is the l shape and you can also do the t shapes connectthree different corners together which we've done in plenty of places righthere l shape t shape t shape you can see it looks beautifulso those corner ones are also referred

to as the 90-degree angles which ispretty neat and as you can see it seems like somebody's having a lot of fun sowe can get creative with the routine and we can even call on our friends to helpus establish this with the z-wave and connection to our phone or anything elselet's see this in action shall we you want to take it away alexa turn off thestrip lights okay wow so now let's turn the back on alexa turnthe strip's lights on okay now yet another way to turn on and off ourfabulous led lights is through the smartphone so we've actually configuredit to the my home setting which you can peruse on our links below we do haveaccess to our previous videos where

we've shown you how to set that up andwhat you're gonna do is you're gonna press on the off switch and that willactually turn off your device and now i'm gonna turn it on just to show youhow easy it is we have a set in the garage which brightens everything up wealso have an outdoor set under the gazebo it's perfect to brighten up thearea and to change the color depending on our mood an inexpensive way tolighten up the party now you can actually check out the description belowon information on where to find these thank you for watching this video besure to like subscribe and click links below to get your very own ledlights and to shop around you want to

get these before christmas is that rightyes yes all right take care you