off white kitchen cabinets

off white kitchen cabinets

hello this is dustin with home mender and today we are going to be updating this hideous 1980s kitchen. not as hard as you would think. i'm going to do it by myself. let's get to it. so the first thing we want todo is disconnect the sink, the dishwasher and the stove. i've got the breakers off.we're going to also pull the hood so i cut the breaker off at the main that wayi don't have to guess which one's which. go ahead and valve off the dishwasherand the sink and we'll get those disconnected. alright, we've got thedisposal disconnected, the water valved off and the sink disconnected. we alsodisconnected the dishwasher. let's make sure we get this unhooked. we're gettinga new dishwasher so we don't have to be

very careful with it. disconnect thewater line. screws on the bottom. that dishwasher is ready to come out. we getthis disconnected, loosen the ground. now we're ready to start pulling down thecabinets. i've got some top trim up here that i'm going to pull off. also have sometrim on the side. now we're going to start taking screws out. be awaresometimes cabinets, if they're installed properly, are screwed in from the cabinetto the next cabinet. alright, looking good. this one's stillgiving trouble. now if you look you might going to see i've got phillipshead screws up in the top and one in the

bottom so we're going to pull off thetop first so the bottom screw is still holding, then we'll pull the bottom screwout and let the cabinet down. had to bring that one down in that our upper cabinets are gone, we can get rid of these lowers. start bypulling off the counter top. i've got a side splash over here. i'm going to startwith that then i'm going to cut the back backsplash at the wall so we don'tdamage the wall tearing it out. go ahead and pull your backsplash we've gotthe side splash butted to the wall and then the countertop butted to ittypically the countertop runs the full length and the side splash sits on top.we're going to go ahead and pull this

out in one piece. now let's check to seeif our countertop is screwed to our lower cabinets. looks like it's just glued.we're going to have to tear it out. we've got some shoe molding at the bottom here. going to pick that up. it looks like the whole kick plate is coming off. now depending on how old the kitchen is you're replacing these may be screwed into the wall. theymay be nailed. it looks like i have both. it looks like this one is hand-builtsometimes you got to tear them out to get them out and you can see why these need to be replaced. alright, all the cabinetry is down. took us about 20 minutes. let's get this cleaned up and we'll be ready for the install. now ourcabinets are ready to go in but first

we're going to mark all of our studs. ilike to mark them on the ceiling, too just so i know where to put my stuff. now we're just duplicating the layout that had so we measured all of ourcabinets and we're buying the exact same thing. the only difference is they had a27 inch wide cooktop slide-in stove. they're going to put in a standard 30freestanding so we have to make up that three inches. so on the lower cabinetinstead of doing an 18, i did a 15. we're going to start in this cornerbecause this cabinet was butted to the wall. i checked the level of my ceiling. it's perfect so we're going to go ahead andhang our cabinets to the ceiling.

we have a screw ready that's one. check for level. we're lookinggood. beautiful. you can see they only had an 18 inch tall cabinet. the previousones were 21 but i needed to get my hood exhaust to work so i had to build itdown with a 3-inch filler. now we're going to do probablythe most important thing about installing kitchen cabinets. we're goingto screw the two cabinets together through this piece into here. you can seehow they're still a little shaky. we're going to want them to be on the sameplane and tight up against each other

with no gap so we're going to drillthrough the side of the cabinet about an inch into the other cabinet and run twoand a half inch screws through those. make sure your cabinets are on the sameplane when you drill the hole. now we're going to drill a slightly bigger holejust at the beginning of it so we can recess our heads of our screws. seam is tight and we're good to go. check your seam. screw them together. looking good. alright, now we're going to set the basecabinets. super easy compared to what we just went through. so i want to make surethat my sink base section is correct.

also have a stove and a dishwasher toget in here. we've got to make sure all those measurements are correct before we screw these down. i got 24 inches coming off for a dishwasher off of this plate.we're not going to rebuild this because it's the height that we need and it's good togo so we're going to start our sink base cabinet twenty four and a half inchesfrom that front lip. you always measured to the front lip and that wayour 24 is going to go in nice. now that i know my 24 is right here and my sinkbase is in the right spot i'm going to go ahead and secure that to the stud. nowif it picks up your cabinet off the ground a little bityou need to shim it. double check for level.

perfect. this 15 is going to buttright to it. we're going to put them on the same plane, get them at the rightheight and screw them together. beautiful. now that we got these twoscrewed together and secured to the wall let's make sure we leave enough room forour stove and then set our other 15 inch cabinet. we want about 30 and a half sowe don't have to fight to get the 30" stove in. 30 and a half. let's secureit to the wall. alright, i got my kick plate marked out, cut it with a skill sawand i like to cut it upside down that way it gives us a nice finished edge onour other side.

you can tack these down with little wire nails. hey, i've got a little scribe moulding stained our color. done!. now all i have to do is fix this littlefaux drawer on the sink base. mine fell off so we'll get that put in but that'sit for the cabinet instal. we are going to be installing some counter tops onthis. some laminate tops. if you need help measuring your tops be sure to check outthe home mender "how to measure your counter tops" video. it'll help you out. sothat's it. they said it couldn't be done. one man can hang a kitchen by himselfand it would be awesome. there are easier ways to do it. you could've put a platewood on the back of the wall, set all the

cabinet's up on it and screw them offthat way. i find this way is easier for me so for home mender inc. this is dustin.i hope you learned something today and if you did, don't forget to click subscribe. thanks for watching.